With Bi-Fold Doors you can transform rooms and external openings

We have styles up to seven panes wide, that are available as opening-in or opening out.

Our Bi-Fold Doors are perfect for adding to the appearance of your home or completely transforming it's look.

New Look Double Glazing manufacture, stock and fit Bi-Fold Doors of all shapes and sizes.

They're available in a wide range of colours and finishes too.






• Thin frame design allows the doors to fold back flatter, which gives maximum space to your internal and external areas.
• The doors use a unique D-handle that includes a discreet lever, stopping the security shoot bolts from accidentally engaging when the door is open.
• Discreet security stainless anti-jemmy pins don’t compromise the look of the doors but prevent intruders from leveraging the doors externally.
• Bespoke design and installation allows you to have your Bi-fold doors fitted to your space whatever the size.
• Built-in-four-roller aluminium track allows smooth and graceful operation of the doors.


• Available in a range of finishes
• Colours available: White, Cream, Rosewood, Light-Oak, Irish Oak
• Bespoke colours: Grey, Black and Chartwell Green.

10 Year Guarantee

We aim to exceed your expectations at all times and to this end offer you an unconditional 10 year guarantee with no limitations or exclusions along with a lifetime guarantee on roofline products